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Process driven project and content management


Content Management

Manage the content creation process in one place. Each campaign will have it’s content writers, graphic designers and motion artists. Each section will have its approval

Data Management

Manage your digital assets in one place. All your asset management will be process driven. You will not need any other cloud storage or asset management system.

Community Management

Manage your team and processes in one place. You will not need any other platform for your business processes. 

Analyze Stats

Get the data from all distribution channels and analyze the stats of each campaign or each product/company.

Manage all business processes in one place.

With Collabre, you will be able to manage all your business processes in one place. Starting from the campaign setup, content approval, posting, up to advertisement.

Business management is easier with Collabre

Give access rights to your team members based on their roles or assigned projects. Manage the content approvals, communications and assets in one place

"Collaboration is an art of working jointly toward a common goal. With Collabre you will bring the collaboration inside your team to a new level"

– Bagrat Dan

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