Product Features

Collabre will let you fix your hassles in Social Media Management, and will bring even more

Improve Internal & External Communication

See all content versions in one place. Add your comments to them if something needs to be changed. See the exact previews for each post, and confirm the content. You can confirm each content type separately, from content writer, graphic designer, motion artist, and so on. We will combine content for each post and will show the previews, ready for scheduling or direct post.

Collect Actionable Data

All data generated during the work process will be collected and stored in the Digital Assets Management tool. Where you can search, filter, and share content, photos, and videos. No more wasted time on searching for the required content in shared drives or storage. 

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Collabre unites your team and brings even more.

So they can spend less time on processes & more on creativity

Content Management

 Have a separate Content Writer prepare the content for each post, based on the post type requirements. Then if you have a proofreader, they can review the content and approve for the posting. Have a content versioning in-app.

Data Analytics

Analyze the working process, and see which content performs better on each platform. Analyze content that performed best on the selected platform, directly from the assets management tool.

Team Management

Manage your team and their accesses. Each team member will be able to see only these campaigns that are assigned to them, and only have the access rights, that were enabled for their user type. 

Customer Interaction

If you are an agency with many customers, you can invite them to the platform with a Customer role. They will manage their channel integrations without password sharing and see their content. 

Project Management

Have all your project management in one place, integrated with your business processes and flows. Set your repetitive tasks, to be automatically created for each campaign, and have a separate Kanban board for your team.


Increase the level of security of your data and the data of your customers. Integrate all channels without password sharing or direct access. Manage your team’s Identity Access Management in one place. 

Digital Assets Management

Fix the mess in your digital assets. The integrated Digital Assets management tool will organize all your content automatically. You can search based on the file types, companies, hashtags, used social channels, etc. And you can share them easily.

Event Logging

Have a detailed event logging and see which content or campaign was changed, and who has done the change. Track the changes for increased security and account. Have a historical timeline view of the working process inside of the team. 

Notification Managemtn

Have comprehensive notification management. You will be notified only of what matters, with email, push notification, or in-app. Each team member will be able to manage their own notification settings and be notified of updates or customer interaction

Analyze Data in one place, from all channels.

Analyze the generated content for all channels in one place. See which types of posts work best for the selected post type or platform. Have historical data organized with various reports and in assets management tool. Also, the system will provide tooltips and suggestions for each post type, manage the content creation rules and limitations for each post type and channel

"Collaboration is an art of working jointly toward a common goal. With Collabre you will bring the collaboration inside your team to a new level"

Bagrat Dan

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